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To provide the most accurate FREE estimate, we ask our customers to complete an online service request form and one of our experts will contact you immediately to arrange a visit for a quote. With our non-binding estimates, you always know how much you will pay and we will provide you with performance estimates. We are looking forward to providing you with the best possible service and accurate estimates for your garage door repair and maintenance needs. Our network of expert installation agents, and our dealers seek the best garage door systems for our customers. Our team works hard to ensure that your garage door system performs at its best when you need routine maintenance or other professional services. Garage doors by the Columbia Pros will never disappoint!

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columbia garage doors pros installation repair

Powerful, quiet and durable, our automatic garage door openers are designed for performance. When you combine our door openers in one door, you get an integrated system that maximizes performance and reliability. Our complete line of automatic openers offers the possibility to handle different garage door weights and sizes. Our ceiling flap offers a wide range of features, such as a full-size door opener, a door opener and a ceiling flap. Each opener also has an integrated power button, power switch and power outlet, as well as an auto close button.

If your garage door needs repairing, our prompt service ensures that your family’s belongings are safe. As any homeowner knows, certain repairs cannot wait for an agreed time or date, and when the safety of your families is your top priority, we provide 24/7 repair and installation services for Columbia residents. Even the best garage doors are incomplete without a garage door opener, so please call us at (803)756-3557 for more information about garage door installation and repair. Columbia Garage Door Pros is a locally owned company committed to providing the highest quality, fastest and most cost effective door service in the region. As a leading provider of residential, business, and industrial garage doors, we provide fast, friendly, and professional service. We have been offering residential and commercial garage doors for over 10 years and love doing this quickly and cost-effectively.

columbia garage door doors pros installation repair

We offer high quality doors that add charm and value to your home or business. We use the highest quality materials, best quality parts and best service with a guarantee of fast and efficient service. Our qualified technicians are thoroughly trained to enable you to have your garage door installed exactly to your specifications. You have the confidence that your problems with garage doors, breakdowns and openings will be solved with Columbia Garage Door Pros. Our friendly staff of highly qualified technicians provide professional service from the first call to the finished work. We are fully licensed, fully insured and committed to providing reliable service at an affordable price. 

We offer garage door openers equipped with intelligent technology, and we even install a garage door opener that you can’t buy anywhere else. If a part of your garage door opener simply needs repairing, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We will be happy to help you find the parts you need and install, maintain or provide a new garage door opener. If you need additional help, we can also offer you quick repairs of garage doors in the vicinity of your house and we can offer you quick repairs of garage doors at great affordable prices.

Garage doors are one of the biggest components of your home and serve a variety of purposes. So it is important to find a company that can repair garage doors in Columbia that you can trust. When you enter your driveway or are standing in your garage, you may be able to press the button on your garage door opener to open it gently and steadily without noise, rattling or worry. If this is not the case at home, you need a garage door company that will enable you to do so.